Purchasing a home is the single biggest investment you will make.  Whether you are a first time buyer, or have purchased multiple homes,

a home inspection will give you peace of mind for your investment.  At OZ Home Inspections Inc. we believe in protecting the client.

Our goal is to assist the client in making an informed decision and we want to provide you with as much information as possible about the property

before your purchase.  We are impartial and not judgmental.  We take a macro and micro approach to the property looking at the big details and the

small ones.  We do not comment on interior finishes and cosmetics, but focus on the major components of the home.


​Field Performance Review • Evaluation of Physical Condition • Visible Inspection of Readily Accessible, Installed Components

Not Technically Exhaustive • ​Non-Destructive • ​Non-Invasive • ​Sampling Type Inspection

A home inspection is designed to determine whether all of the essential components of a house are present and doing their job, as evidenced by a visual inspection.

The process of purchasing a home can be very stressful.  A home inspection is usually recommended to provide you peace of mind on your investment.  No home is perfect and many have latent defects that the seller either did not know about or in rare cases tried to conceal.  Revealing these defects can have the opposite effect on buyers, from peace of mind to higher stress.

At OZ Home Inspections Inc., we will sit down with the client and explain the defects in as much detail as required for you to understand the problem and its implications.  We provide you with unbiased information to help you make an informed decision as opposed to an emotional one.  We will provide you with recommendations on how to address the problem and, by removing the unknowns, will help you lower your stress.  Many defects can be addressed with very little investment of money or time if caught early.  For those defects that do represent a significant cost to address, you can work with your Realtor to see if the asking price of the home takes into account this defect.  If it does not, ask the Realtor to work on reducing the vendor’s price to compensate.  Remember, inspectors and their reports do not “kill deals”.  We do not create issues; we provide information to the client.  A home inspection does not “pass” or “fail” a home.  What kills a deal is the unwillingness or inability of the buyer/seller to address the defects found by the inspector.  In some cases, walking away from the deal may represent the best option for the client.


It is also important to realize that the seller is under no obligation to repair anything identified by the inspector in the inspection report.  As we stated before, no home is perfect, and it is important for the buyer to be reasonable in their demands for a seller to address found issues.  As long as the home is not brand new, there will always be components in the house at various stages of their life cycle.  It is not reasonable to expect everything to be brand new, and normal wear and tear on components throughout the home is expected and acceptable.  This is where you need to work closely with your Realtor, who should be providing you with a summary of similar properties for sale in the area. The properties listed should all have similar parameters and be broken down so you can compare apples to apples.  This will assist the buyer in determining if it is worth renegotiation based on the inspection report.  For example, if the furnace is near, or at, the end of its service life and needs to be replaced and that you see that the home is listed above market average, it may be appropriate to ask the seller to compensate for the worn out component.  If the home is listed below market value, it is probable that the seller has compensated for the worn out furnace and it would not be appropriate to expect a further discount.