The site inspection usually takes between 2 – 3 hours for a standard home.  The length of time may vary depending on the problems identified during the inspection.

At the end of the inspection, I will provide a verbal review of my findings. This is important as it allows me the opportunity to illustrate and explain defects found.

I encourage my clients to accompany me during the inspection and to ask questions, but I would request for privacy from all others, including vendors, tenants, realtors, or anyone else involved with the sale. This ensures an impartial report about the home’s condition and prevents interference and conflict of interest from others who might benefit from the home’s sale.

If you cannot be present for the entire inspection it is recommended that you are able to make time be involved in the verbal summary at the conclusion of the inspection. This allows me to address the main defects of the property and physically identify and show any defects I have discovered with you directly.  At this time you will have the opportunity to address any specific concerns you may have with the property in question.


At the end of the inspection day I will return to the office to prepare written reports. I always provide a custom report identifying and breaking down the major components of the home, and defects are noted in each module.  I do not take inventory of the contents of the home (identifying the models and serial numbers of appliances, colour and style of floor/window coverings, etc) and instead focus on the items I feel could represent a safety hazard or represent a substantial expenditure to repair/replace. I include photos, when possible, to explain the defects found.

To reduce our impact on the environment, a PDF of the report will be e-mailed to the client no later than 48 hours from the completion of the inspection, but often sooner. If you require a hard copy of the report, it will be printed and delivered at an additional charge.

If you were unable to attend the on-site inspection I will arrange a follow-up phone call to take you through your report and answer any questions you may have.